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United Trustees Association

Our firm has long acted as corporate counsel for the United Trustees Association (UTA, formerly the California Trustees Association), a state-wide industry trade association dedicated to fostering, improving and promoting the integrity of services in the default mortgage servicing industry. Many of our attorneys are longstanding members of the local and state UTA boards of directors. Since 1983, our firm has furthered the efforts to promote integrity in lending by drafting proposed legislation and coordinating with legislative advocates. Many such proposed bills have become law.

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California Mortgage Association

Our firm is proud of its long-standing affiliation with the California Mortgage Association (CMA). CMA represents the interests of licensed mortgage brokers/lenders and affiliated members such as title companies, escrow companies, and software companies. CMA promotes legislative review and reform and remains one of the most powerful legislative advocates in its support of California's community of broker/lenders. CMA remains steadfast in its dedication to the continuing education of its members, improving the standards in the trust deed industry. Because of CMA's influence and commitment to integrity, the California consumer is protected by a broader spectrum of loan choices and well-informed and skilled loan broker/lenders.

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United Policyholders

Our firm has long supported the work of United Policyholders, a non-profit association. It seeks to create a level playing field and protect the rights of policy holders across the country.  Our insurance attorneys support the efforts of this group to advance the interests of policyholders in all aspects of insurance coverage. 

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